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The Charity Digital Skills Report is our annual barometer of the state of digital skills across the sector. This is why we (and I personally) love it and a sneak preview of what we’re finding so far from the 250 or so responses. It’s genuinely heartening to have so many people take time out to do this and think about where they are. As of Wed 26th we’re on 270 responses and it closes on Tuesday 1st June at midnight. This is why we’re really hoping to get to 400. You can complete the survey here and please do share…

We are all made of Stories. Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

What we’re looking to do

Over January and February 2020 we are seeking out those real life warts and all stories of charities that have started their journey to become digital. This doesn’t happen overnight and we know that they will have important stories that we can all learn from. Like those great childhood books, ‘choose your own adventure ’, there are lots of important, difficult and exciting choices to make.

Why this is important

Our ambition builds on our research last year, which built a picture of the shape and nature of digital maturity frameworks. It was complicated! We found and examined 50 key digital maturity diagnostic tools…


Tech for Good Mavens and Mavericks is a community, primarily on Slack (we are planning our first Christmas drinks meet-up in person), dedicated to those freelancers who support organisations across the UK tech for good space with research, strategy, design, evaluation, comms and data — we’re the people who worry about how charities, funders, intermediaries and the social sector think and feel about what they do with tech (i.e. we’re not the tech developers).

It’s for those active in tech for good consultancy work and who want to come together and work more collectively and collaboratively. It seems to be…

In the first piece of work from The Catalyst’s Digital Practice workstream, Nissa Ramsay and Helen Lang draw lessons from their mapping of 50 digital maturity frameworks

Over the last three months, Innovation Unboxed, Think Social Tech, and CAST have built a picture of the shape and nature of digital maturity frameworks. Following contributions from a range of stakeholders (responding to this blog post), we identified 50 unique digital maturity diagnostic tools, think pieces, surveys, codes and reports most relevant to the charity sector in this Airtable. We analysed their content and identified patterns in how they describe what digital maturity should look like.

What surprised us most is that despite the ‘noise’ surrounding digital maturity, there is little shared vision as to what best practice looks…

Responding to the priorities, needs and opportunities for digital in the domestic abuse sector

Comic Relief, with Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and The Clothworkers Foundation have recently re-launched the UK Tech vs Abuse fund, which is open for applications until 12 noon BST on 4 July 2019.

The design of this fund is based on the research and co-design work delivered alongside Snook and SafeLives and with close involvement of the funders, in May and June 2019. The aims and intent of this are explained in my earlier post. We interviewed practitioners and co-designed this fund with 20 organisations in the domestic and sexual abuse sector developing and delivering digital services, alongside the other funders…

Work in Progress post: Comic Relief, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Clothworkers Foundation have recently announced their partnership to relaunch the Tech vs Abuse funding programme. I’ve been working in partnership with the funders, along with SafeLives and Snook to revisit the original Tech vs Abuse research and design challenges. Here, I want to explain a bit more about what we’re doing. Please get in touch, head to #techvsabuse on Twitter or comment below to contribute, or read on to find out more!

Update: Completed project reflections post here and research findings are shared on the Tech vs Abuse site.

About the Tech vs Abuse Fund

In the last few years we’ve seen a plethora of digital codes, tools, principles and frameworks to help us define what successful digital transformation, leadership and practice looks like in the charity sector.

However, I’m also acutely aware that both charities and funders can struggle to implement best practice, whatever stage they are at, or even know what that should look like or how to translate codes and principles in to their everyday work and operations. …

In February and March this year I was commissioned by the Open Data Institute to work in collaboration with their R&D team to develop a best practice research guides toolkit. This aimed to provide the team with internal guidance around best practice research and to utilise the expertise of the team effectively; but also to explore how to best tackle ‘data’ as a research topic.

I completed the project in March and I am delighted that the team at the Open Data Institute have now tested the set of guides I created. …

In August — October 2018 I was commissioned by Yoti, in partnership with RnR Organisation to explore the digital identity needs of UK charities and the potential use cases for their products. This aimed to understand the issues and challenges facing UK non-profits when it comes to making sense of, and deploying, digital identity solutions in their work and I blogged about this in September. I’m really excited to be able to share the findings with you, which have just been published by Yoti. You can read a synopsis in their blog post and access the report here. …

How could Yoti’s digital identity technology add most value to UK charities? A research project in progress…adapted from a blog post originally published on the Yoti Blog

I’ve recently been commissioned by Yoti to explore the digital identity needs of UK charities, in order to determine the best use cases for their products. This builds on their recent research to better understand digital identity needs in Africa and South East Asia .Digital identity isn’t something I’d come across before as a formal term, but the process of capturing and using information about people (whether they are beneficiaries, staff, volunteers or…

Nissa Ramsay

Think Social Tech: Research, design and learning consultancy supporting tech for good initiatives (previously @comicrelief tech for good)

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